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NeoEd Learning Solutions was founded by Neha Sinha, a passionate teacher and learning designer, in December 2022.

Here is what she has to say:

“I have been where you are. And so I know your pain.”

I have been a teacher to young adults, so I know that learning design is not only about converting pages into “click next” pages but about being empathetic to the learner, creating relevant content and building competence in them.

I have been a curriculum designer, so I know that a curriculum is not just a list of topics but a well-thought-out framework outlining the content, skills, and knowledge students are expected to acquire through a learning program.

I have been a learning designer, so I know that learning experiences designed basis learning science help in deeper understanding and longer retention. 

Therefore, I bring all my collective experiences to help you with your organisation’s learning needs, whether K-12, higher education or corporate.”


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Mission, Vision & Values

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Brandon Copper

Creative Manager

Hardy Kennedy

Sales & Marketing

Fernando Torres

Marketing Officer

Ashley Roberts

Financial Advisor

Our Values

Neo: Design learning experiences based on the latest research.
Empathetic: Keep the learner at the center of the design.
Organic: Align learning design with the way a human brain learns.

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